Cecilia I presume,


I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the great

hospitality while at your cafe. My wife and I found your treasure on

a walk from the airport and when we found out your bank had not

processed your credit card system we thought we would have to take a

cab back to the airport to get some cash. You went above and beyond

the call of what most people would have done and lent the use of your

car. The kind act has made for great story telling and reflects the

kind and trusting nature of the people of Antigua. The cafe you have

opened is a gem and the food the best we had during our two weeks in

the caribbean. We look forward to staying in the area when ever

coming through the island on out way to Montserrat. I hope one of the

local motels is available the next time we come through so we can

enjoy another culinary treat.




Bill and Kara

Cecilia's, the  new small and intimate restaurant on the point just to the
east of the  former Lord Nelson Hotel, opened a week ago.  I am going back
for my  second lunch this Sunday.  It was great a week ago.  While  Cecilia's
is open for lunch only (but perhaps up to and beyond sunset every  day but
Tuesday and Wednesday), Cecilia is dipping her beautiful toes into  the water
to test it for dinner business.  Accordingly, the restaurant  will be open
Monday night December 3rd for drinks and dinner  afterward.  If you plan to
come, give Cecilia a call at 764-7070 - for  drinks and/or dinner.  Seating
is very limited if you decide to stay  for dinner!  However, the sunset will
be a memorable one if it is  drinks only.  I hope to see you there since I
will  be!

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